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Sleek, expressive and definitely chic, the ELLE Jewelry Collection is lovingly crafted from only 925 Sterling Silver. Each piece understands modern elegance and delivers luxury without being pretentious. The collection reigns in sensuality, simplicity and subtlety.


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Charles Garnier


By 1901 Charles Garnier had established his reputation in Paris as a masterful designer of jewelry. Working in the time of Cartier and Vuitton, his creations soon became respected and admired for their exceptional quality and elegance.


More than a century later, Charles Garnier Paris continues this tradition with the same dedication to excellence and workmanship that our namesake so proudly crafted into every piece.


Our factory combines cutting edge technology with old world craftsmanship and hand finishing to create pieces that are sought after and sold throughout the world.


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Indulge in the fascinating world of stainless steel where diversity joins with luxury and affordability.

Inspired by a world where rules do not exist, STEELX allows you to be yourself and express your confidence with style.

Praised for its strength, durability, and sleek appearance, stainless steel is the metal of choice for those wanting the sophistication of precious metals.

Urban and edgy, the STEELX collection for both men and women incorporates leathers, sparkling crystals, natural and semi-precious stones, reflecting true cutting-edge technology that exudes quality.


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Ethos customers exude confidence, rather than seeking mere admiration. They effortlessly walk the line between ambition, self-expression and humility. There is no excess, no pretense.


Ethos embraces an authentic expression of self, creating a style that aligns with your essence and reflects your true Ethos. 


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Monte Luna moments are those everyday moments we have the choice to embrace and make special. Maybe it’s taking a coffee break in the sun, away from your corporate to-do list, 5 minutes to yourself while the kids are sleeping or soaking up the view when you finally arrive on your dream vacation.

Wearing Monte Luna is a statement of capturing the joy and beauty of these moments (and life) and sharing it for the world to see.